Macbook pro battery dead!

2 or 3 weeks ago, I got a problem on my Macbook pro that became very low slow speed when I was executing some applications.

After I monitored the CPU and memory usages by mac tools. I found CPU was always used  100 % during starting all applications.

And I saw something wrong on battery icon on left top on screen that mean battery should be replaced with a new one.

So, The new battery had been ordered from Ebay that just arrived to me today.

After the old battery had been replaced with new one, my macbook pro speed is faster as new one.

For this problem let me know 2 – 3 things.

1. If I buy something and pay by credit card, we have 2 chooses to pay by local currency or default currency.

2. Battery state will make some affect to Macbook performace.

3. If you want to fix something on macbook, you have to use special equipment. So you need to pay more to fix something on Apple products. Suck!

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